Blender to EGG

Ok I am just wondering if there is a pattern for which joints are placed into an EGG file.

You see when you convert straight to EGG from Blender all the Joints are given the name Vertex. I am wondering if there is a pattern consistant with the way the joints are placed in the EGG

You know

L Arm
R Arm

Something liket that.

I believe the Vertex tags are for the actual vertices of the model.

If you would like to see the joint hierarchy of a character you can use an option of egg-optchar. In the command window type:

egg-optchar -ls myModel.egg

(replacing myModel.egg with your egg file)

the -ls lists the joints out in an indented form. Basically the hierarchy starts at the root joint and each child has an indentation with respect to its parent joint.

I will definitly give that a try.