Blender problem


I have a problem with converting a .blend to .egg file.
I use chicken export r .
Somewhy I cant see my model.


Here are my .blend and .egg file:

Thank you


You can’t convert a .blend file into an .egg file.
What you can do is export objects, and only objects, from blender into the egg format.

Your character is made out of multiple objects, so first join all the separate objects into one. This can be done by selecting all your cubes, cylinders and spheres and pressing ctrl+j.
Now that you have one single object, select it and open up the chicken exporter interface.
Set up your export path and activate the option “pview”. The pview option will make your model appear instantly after you have exported it. This way you immadiately see what is exported properly.
If everything went well, you should see a white shape.
Press “l” to activate lighting and you’ll see your model with all body parts and everything :slight_smile:

Good luck

Ah, OK,
Thank you very much!

But why doesnt it export the colors?

Sorry, Im a blender noob, im just good in python programming :wink:

if you used material colors in blender. then you need to add a light to your scene (inless you have a light materials wont show up). in pview press L.
you may also want to read the exporter manual (the help buttoni n the exporter menu) to see what features are supported for export.