Blender not recognizing Python from Panda3d

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just loaded blender, and when I launch it, it indicates that I don’t have a version of Python installed. but when I installed Panda3d, one was installed at that time. If I go out and load Python directly, am I going to mess up my Panda3d installation?

Do I need to install Python, or is there some sort of registry hook needed for Blender to see that I have Python.

Has anyone else ran across this?

The problem lies, I suspect, in not having your PYTHONPATH environment variable set appropriately (this is the name of the variable in Windows; I’m not sure that it is the same under other operating systems).

If you’re using Windows XP, go to Control Panel->System->Advanced and click on the button labelled “Environment Variables” (it should be towards the bottom). Under “System Variables” (which should be the lower of two sections), look for an entry called “PYTHONPATH”. If one is there, select it and click on “Edit” below it; if not, click on “New” instead. Either way, you should get a little popup with two fields labelled “Variable name” and “Variable value”. The variable name, of course, should be “PYTHONPATH”, while the value should point to the following executable and directories:


Where “” is the path to which you installed Panda.

For example, in my case it reads more or less as follows: (Note the semicolons between entries; the line breaks have been introduced for the sake of formatting, and shouldn’t be present in your entry, I don’t think.)


Thank You Thaumaturge!

That pathing was what was needed. Blender is now seeing my Python installation.

Excellent - I’m glad to hear it. :slight_smile: