blender normal map setting

I try to have the normal map texture repeated at a high scale for a rock model. In blender Map Image panel, there is Xrepeat and Yrepeat value. After I change it, I get the effect in blender rendering, but not in the exported egg file. How can I make it work ? Thank you.

Panda only cares about UV coordinates - to make a texture repeat you need to adjust the UV coordinates so they are larger than the texture area, as the texture is repeated outside of the UV area.

That is not the best of explanations, so for an example see texture-wrap-filter-test.blend in

Actually, no, Xrepeat and Yrepeat can be implemented using a TexScaleAttrib.
I don’t think Chicken currently supports that though, does it, lethe?

Very good trick. Thank you.

But I have another question. Right now the rock is not yet textured. The trick is working well.

What can I do to the UV if I want to texture it to make it look like: … ustics.jpg

It seems not possible with this trick ?

Why not use projected textures?

This page is helpful: … /caustics/
I don’t believe Chicken supports TexGen yet, but you can do this in your code.

Sorry that I confused you. I am not referring to the caustics.

I mean I need to apply a normal map with a bigger scale, and layer(s) of texture for the rock (say the red texture) at normal UV scale.

Well, I just use multiple UV coordinate sets for that, since texture scale isn’t supported yet in Chicken.

No, Chicken doesn’t support TexScaleAttrib, though I just added it to my todo list as it looks like a 5 minute job to add.
Chicken doesn’t support TexGen either, but will probably get added eventually. Its just a lot of tedium and testing to get that one right for all of the many cases.

pro-rsoft-s suggestion is spot on though - Chicken supports as many UV sets as you want.

Or just manually insert a { { x y }} entry to the entry in the .egg file.

PS. Sorry I made a typo, it’s TexMatrixAttrib and not TexScaleAttrib.