Blender, level design help

I’m new and having trouble finding out the proper way to design a simple level. I am using Blender and to start I would just like to create a simple level with a floor and some walls. Do I create the whole level in Blender and load it all at once or do I create individual pieces (wall, floor, box, whatever) and then piece them together in code? I’m guessing you can do it either way? I would prefer to do the whole thing in Blender. I imagine that should be easier? Can you use lights created in Blender as well?

Are there any recommended tutorials to look at? I’m new to both Panda3d and Blender and currently I have been going through tutorials for both. Any explanation would be helpful.

Thank you.

there are many many ways. you can do everything in blender if you want to.
you can also use it to bake lightmaps. export of lights as such is not supported as far as i know but you could add tags and load them by code later on.
dunno about good tutorials. blender tuts for basic blender usage, the chicken manual for exporting. and the panda docs for importing.

Thank you. I will continue to follow blender tutorials. I did manage to create a simple scene with a floor(plane) and some walls(rectangles) and exported it with chicken. By referencing some of the samples code I was able to load it up in panda as well. So I’m on the right track I just need to keep at it and understand more of what I’m doing. :slight_smile: I don’t even know how to set tags on objects yet or anything about collision which is going to be important I know. Hopefully all will reveal itself as I follow along. Of course anyone is welcome to explain things if they like.

I appreciate the help. So far the panda community has been outstanding.

What do you mean by add tags? Like making a bunch of objects that are just single vertexes, labeling them light1, light2, etc?

Just to confirm, Light are not currently exported, though I’m hoping to fix that as soon as the egg file supports lights, which I know will be happening at some point in the near-ish future.

For tagging things as lights that is exactly what it meant, though typically you would tag them all with the same tag - its very easy in Panda to get every object with a single tag (The findAll method). You then use further tags to contain parameters to the lights. The other thing is you don’t need to use a single vertex model - Chicken will export a Blender Empty fine.

I think so. None of the tutorials I’ve done so far have mentioned labeling or tagging. I’ll get there. Need more free time! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. Hopefully the support will come soon but I think this will work fine for now. It doesn’t sound too bad. :wink: