Blender fur tool and Panda3D

Is it possible to convert models with fur to .egg format.And is it wise anyway(for speed)?

i would say, real fur, made out of particles would be very resources stressing. how about a normalmap + specularmap + some nice shaders? i’m not sure, but in yo franky! they also used solid fur and hair, i think.

usualy fur is done simmilar to grass. a few lines extrued, and textured with a bunch of “fur” with transparency. check some games in their modelviewers. many games do hairs, feathers and the like simmilar to this.

Oh ok.So trying to import Big Buck Bunnys models directly wont be smart?

definately no! the models in BBB are made for a film, not for realtimr games. why don’t you give the models of yo frankie! a try?

So i want to ask another question here:
How do you make the grass again?Like in many games(MGS 3,Oblivion etc).I know Thomas knows these.

Making grass (like from my avatar) is very easy using this algorithm: … _ch07.html
If you want moving grass, instead of the shader-based method proposed there you can also use panda’s shear methods, setShxz and setShyz.

since we are talking about grass… i just found a really impressive page about grass.
with some tiny optimizations this might run ways faster than the 20-80fps they state.
worth watching. maybe someone feels like implementing this into panda. would be a great thing to show off.
it really has a lot of potentials.

Great,thanks guys!Ok goes to read those