Blender + exporter

Ok my modeler uses wings3d to create models then He exports to .3ds (textured)

I import the model into blender and export it to .egg
That is not the problem the problem is when I load the model it works but it’s not textured or the texture doesn’t draw

First question - is it correct once you have loaded it into blender? i.e. if you render it in blender does a texture show.

If the texture does show is it uv mapped and is it as a file on the disk? - those are both requirements for Chicken.

hmm well if I load the model in wings3d the texture shows but in blender it doesn’t show except if I click render current frame

That means the texture has transferred - Blender doesn’t display textures on objects in the viewport by default. This means the next two questions become relevant - is it a file on disk and is it uv mapped? If not then that is your problem, but if so it could be something more subtle. I’ld also check the texture is a format that Panda can load - png and jpg are recommended.

yes the model is uv mapped and the texture is .jpg format