Blender CloudGen with Panda

Okay,im having trouble with using clouds in Panda.What i am trying to do is to make a 3d cloud,so you can pass trough it like in a flight simulator.However im a noob,so no wonder im having trouble.
I found a clound generator for Blender: .However,is this the so called ‘volumetric’ clouds?Should i use this in Panda?
Ive heard some use particles for 3d clouds.Is that true?How do you do that?This all is confusing.Help please…

panda3d has no support of volumetric effects because - well its more of a ray tracing approach. What games do is render many many billboards to make it appear like a could.

recomended reading: … _ch06.html

Thanks for the link.But before that,do i need to know C or Cg to understand that article?

c no
cg a little

C would be better…
But do old games like GTA:San Andreas use this?

i did not make GTA:San Andreas so i don’t know. Youd have to ask them most likely.

from what it looks, gta san andreas uses a lame cloud-plane/sphere/parabolid with a cery simple cloud-texture.
i barely found screenhots on the net but thats what it looks like. this technique is quite easy and really REALLY old. but still works.