Blender+chicken exporter+animated character

Hi, i’m trying to export a model i’ve done with blender 2.44 using Chicken Exporter. i have only one action (the caracter moves his arms) and when i export it, i can see my “human.egg” and “human-anim.egg” but if i load it to a scene, the animation is not affecting the mesh, i’ve opened “human-anim.egg” and i can see the bones i’ve created with different values, so i’m guessing that the animation is exported correctly…

the animation won’t show if i use “pview”.

can anyone help me ?


Well… finally i got it… if someone has the same problem, Chicken export animations for vertex groups, so if you don’t have the groups, and only the envelopes (like i did) just make parent the armature, select name vertex groups from closest bones, and then clear the parent…

regards to all