Blender Chicken Egg Texture Solved

After much head banging I discovered why the Blender model textures were not showing in exported egg files. Chicken writes the file like this:
“.//c/Blender Models/texture virp/FabricPlain0028_M.jpg”
and it doesn’t read.
Change to this:
and there will be textures!

I believe the latest version of Chicken (R66) solves this.

It does indeed, though I wouldn’t call it a ‘fix’ - the correct use is to load the texture into blender using a relative path, so it then gets written to the file with a relative path. The change is simply that Chicken now converts all paths to relative, so the above mistake doesn’t bite you, immediately However, you should still be using relative paths incase you ever want to send the blender file to someone else - think I’m going to make it spit out a warning when it makes that correction, otherwise this is going to burn teams.