Blender Boxman model (plus demo program)

This sort of goes both in Pipeline and Code Snippets, but I think it’s more appropriate for here.

This zip archive contains the Boxman model, including the Blender source, which is a fully rigged animated model. He is, as his name implies, a man made entirely of boxes, so don’t expect high art here. But he came in very handy for testing my game, so I’m sharing him.

You can download Boxman and his demo program here:

The demo program creates a Boxman in a Panda3d environment and uses the GravityWalker controller to move him around. There are also blue spheres in the level that you can push around.

Panda3D’s forum is impressive. All I can say is wow. You are all making it very hard for me to even think of using another 3D engine. All the other engines I even considered don’t even try to do as much as all of you. This is probably the best gameDev community in exsistance right now. This is all good because I eventually want to start my own open source cross platform game company. This would be the engine to base it on.

Thanks again everyone

No problem, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but your posts in the Pipeline forum reminded me that I should.

So I did! I also wanted to show off GravityWalker a bit too, because it’s a nice little gem that isn’t talked about in the manual.

I’ve been in love with Panda3d since I first saw it a few months ago. :slight_smile: