Blender and GeoMipTerrain

I finally tried to make a heightmap with Blender. I used this tutorial: … om_a_Plane
Here is the heightmap generated:
The blend file is here: … ield.blend

The code I use is from the manual. I’m really new to this, but why does the terrain appear so ‘spikey’?:
(this is a close shot and focal point is camera)
Does this maybe have anything to do with Blender (png color bit)?

The spikes most probably come from too low resolution of your mesh.
Another improvement would be a baked normalmap, btw.

Oh and keep in mind, that this method isn’t suited for bigger terrains, except you have some smart ideas concerning LOD and texturing.

EDIT: stupid typo

You mean GeoMipTerrain? I have heard the opposite

Oh, I guess I misunderstood you.
If you apply heightmaps in panda, then that’s actually the best approach for larger terrains. Sorry for the confusion.

You could try box filtering, or some other image smoothing technique.