Blender 2.41 and X exporter2.41

Hi,I this a newbie question but then I’m a newbie,How do you export .x files from blender???I’ve been stuck on this for 2 days I can’t figure it out.I using the newest version of blender and the .x exporter from ben omari’s site but when I load export a file it only has one frame(i.e it doesn’t animate at all) when I open the file in a text editor I discover all the frames are there but there all exactly the same so when it converts to egg it gets read of them all.Am I doing some thing wrong in blender or is this some know bug?
I’m aware this is more of a blender problem but I was wondering if you guys could help.


Aha ,it was simple problem:when you export something, it opens the script in the biggest window which is usually the 3d all one has to do is open it up in another window and it works the way this exporter is much better than the previous one and works great with panda.

if you are interested in and if is enough for you, I’ve uploaded the alfa release of my blender exporter.
You should find it here along with a little blender tutorial on how to use it.