blank screen running some p3d in browser


for demonstration reasons I wanted to create a p3d file to integrate it into my website.

Doing so with my file ist works perfectly. Then I extended the file a little bit (please don’t blame me for the sloppy descr., I’ll explain later if necessary) and saved as Converting this file and loading the p3d in a browser, I only see the background (light blue sky) color, but no geometry anymore.

Then I’ve made some tests with other sample scripts and found that also the fireflies script produces only a white screen when loaded as p3d in a website. Running the py-file from command-line works well for all scripts. I have not tested the stand-alone p3d interpreter, yet.

My first question: has anyone tried to convert the fireflies tutorial script into a p3d and run it in a browser, have you been successfull?


I suspect the issue is that the example uses models/textures from the panda library, which will not normally be included in the p3d file.

remove or replace any model or texture loading statements, and it will probably work.