Black "Notches" in Rope

Hey all,

I’m using a rope to draw a dynamic line in a top-down view and I keep gettin g these notches when I have a large line thickness (lo-res screen):

I’ve tried upping the order to 4 (tho I prefer 2) to no effect. Any suggestions?


This is just the way thick lines look in OpenGL. Instead of using the RMThread render mode, try using a different mode such as RMTube.

Still, your best bet for improving the look is not to have such sharp bends. Define your parametric curve so that it has a smooth transition around corners instead of sudden sharp bends. This is related to the order, but simply changing the order isn’t enough–you also need to define a sufficient number vertices, more than four, and set your knot vector correctly (the default knot vector is already correct).