black model with light


I ve downloaded some models from google warehouse (some sketchup). Turning to egg, I can loadmodel in my panda program, but if I activate shader_auto on the model, and using an ambient light, my model becomes totally black.


Can you help me?

The model can be all black when it has vertex (and/or polygon) colored black (look for {0 0 0 0} in the egg file).

It can be a problem with texture coords (UV) where 1 pixel of the texture is pulled over all of the model. If you change the texture and the color of the model will change then that’s the case.

If you have a normal map, then that texture could be wrong (if it’s blue-ish then it’s ok).

The vertex normal could be wrong, but in most cases that would meke the model inside-out.

Or maybe it’s not the model. Are you sure the light affects the model?
Is the light color something else then (0,0,0,0)?