Bind: Pressing one button prevents release event of another

I have a DirectFrame which has, amongst a few others, B1PRESS and B1RELEASE bound to event callbacks. For the most part this works well; however, I’ve just discovered that if I press the mouse button (which seems to fire the “B1PRESS” event as expected), then, with the button still held, press another mouse button or move the scroll wheel and release the first mouse button, the B1RELEASE event seems to not be sent at all. This only seems to occur when mouse-buttons are pressed/scrolled; keyboard keys don’t seem to trigger it.

I’ve searched around both on the forum and in the API, but haven’t found any likely solutions (or indeed even causes) for this issue; is there something that I might do? (Aside, I suppose, from binding all of the mouse -release and -scrolling events and directing them to my standard release callback…)

bump Is the lack of a “release” event the intended behaviour? (And if so, why, if I may ask?) Is this a bug? Am I perhaps doing something incorrectly? :confused: