Best way to create a selectable menu.

Trying to create a selectable menu in that it shows a list of objects you can choice from. You select one of them… and then you hit a buttion to do something.

I try using a DirectScrolledList with DirectButton, but it didn’t look right and DirectScrolledList don’t alien things (far as I know?) to things to the left. Even so, you still have that “gray” area around. It would be nice to be able to select the object to be highlighted in like blue like the image. … mquery.gif if anyone can’t see the image.

My question… What should I be doing to get my GUI to come out to look like that? Should I be using buttons, or should I be using other GUI objects instead? Any tips would help a lot.

I used DirectRadioButton for select map size on my game. Btw, I can’t saw your picture.

    def make_map_switchers(self):
        # Add button
        self.buttons_root = self.root.attachNewNode('buttons_root')
        self.buttons = []
        for n, s in (('S',15) , ('M', 20), ('L', 25)):
            rb = DirectRadioButton(variable = self.r_size, value = [s],
                                  parent = self.buttons_root, 
                                  command = self.on_size,
                                  boxImage = ('./tex/menu/cf_m_%s_off.png' % n, 
                                              './tex/menu/cf_m_%s_on.png' % n,
                                  boxRelief = None, relief = None, 
                                  scale = 0.09, pos=(0, 0, -s * 0.04 + 0.195),
                                  rolloverSound = self.snd_roll,
                                  clickSound = self.snd_click)
            rb.indicator['text'] = ('','')
        self.buttons_root.setPos(0.72, 0, 0.83)
        for button in self.buttons: