Best version of maya to use with panda?


Just a quick question to see what the most supported version of maya is.

I read on one thread that a dev couldnt access maya 2008 and is sticking with 8.5

Is 8.5 the best version for panda?

Would an older may work? Like version 7

If i had version 7, has anything changed in the engine that would make the maya2egg7 models less good?

Thanks for any info

Well, I guess you can get the newest version and just choose to save your models in the older formats which work with the 2egg tools.

OR you can use blender, a totally free modelling program which is being used by at least half of all the people here.

Maya support is pretty consistent since thats what the main devs are using. There are some issues with exporting from Maya 8.5 because of Maya’s own python interpreter not because of Panda. Not sure if that’s been resolved in 1.5.0.

USE maya2008

I (Erika ) posted here already…

Copy the mayapython-directory called “maya” to python/lib/sitepackages

[b]It works!! /b nothing extra needed , no pth-files etc. ( tested it out again myself)


some feedback on this would be helpfull for some though, i guess