Best UI to learn?

I’m ready to start adding UI elements to my project. I don’t know Rocket or the provided panda UI elements. Which would be best to learn? What are the pros and cons of each?


Both come with Panda, and both have all the basic widget types (buttons, dialogs, progress bars, etc…), so they’re even in that regard. I think librocket comes out on top though, because it offers a lot of other widgets and functionality out-of-the-box DirectGUI doesn’t have, like drag-and-drop, draggable custom dialogs, a much more complete widget set (if you can build it with HTML + CSS, it’s possible with librocket), and the ability to separate UI design from the code itself (since you can have the UI in separate files, apart from your code). I think librocket is also a bit more actively developed than DirectGUI.

The only downside I can think of to librocket is the fact that you’ll have to learn HTML and CSS if you don’t know them already - they’re not that hard to learn, though.

DirectGUI ain’t bad.
For prototyping, when you just need a button or two, a bit of text and suchlike then dgui is good, fast, easy and working. It has some quirks and the manual is a bit vauge but if you have a problem with it then people on the forum here will always have a solution.

I can’t say a bad world about Rocket. Never used it. Html-ish, css-ish gui souds like a lot of files, letters and tag - not for me, but then again I’m the kind of person that would use tkinter just because I find it easier to use tk then to bother checking how wx works.

If you already know xml/xhtml and css, you’ll like rocket. otherwise i’d suggest dgui.