Best 3D format for animation

I’m new to Panda3D so I’m starting everything from scratch so I’m looking for the best approaches.

I’m looking to animate facial features through Panda by changing vertices / geometry / joints, but I’m not sure which 3D format is best to use. I also want collision detection between the head and another object.

I’ve seen a bunch of mentions for Maya and blend shapes and then some for Max.

Are any of the formats easier and more reliable in Panda after they are converted to egg?

Thanks so much.

Don’t think there is that many approaches to learn how to use Panda. If you want to learn how to cook, you’ll need to read receipes, see how others do and ask the community when you get stuck.

Regarding facial features animations, you’ll need to create that with a modeling software and export the results in egg/bam. Blender, Maya or Max are almost all the same, most users will suggest you Blender as it is free. But the choice is up to you. (there is also other softwares)
For collisions, Astelix did create an excelent tutorial.