Ok i did the panada walking tutorial in panada 3d. But i want o know the best way to leanr how to make a game using panada 3d. If you know any better ways of learning it please tell me because i think i am going to have a hard time. 8)

Thanks Bob Hoil

What exactly are you having an hard time with?

Take a look at the example in the samples folder inside the panda3d installdir.
Also, walk through the first few chapters of the manual.

You need an idea for a game you want to create.
(for the how to on developing game ideas and evaluating them there are many tutorials out there on other sites)

Then think about what engine features you might need for that game, and start learning about them. You don’t have to start writing the game, just start writing example code with the features you want to use (one at a time).

At some point you’ll come to realize that a problem has a different sulution and that you could programm your gamer better if you used some more/other features of the engine. This way you’ll effectively learn panda by practicing it!
At least that’s the way I took. And look, only after a few weeks of writing and learning I had a playable Demo of my game idea (complete with collision detection, networking. particle system, etc.). So you see, with a goal in mind you’ll learn quick and effectively.

But of course, that’s only the way it worked for me, you might as well wait for other suggestion and take your chance with one of them :wink: