Beginner Texture Map Question - My texture maps do not show


I am new to Panda3D and so I followed the instructions, completed the tutorials and now have a pacing panda who is getting tired of looking at me.

My next step was to test import models from Poser7. This works fine when I use VRML format, and convert them with vrml2egg. Now I have a statue garden and the panda just ignores them.

Now I am trying to apply textures to the models. When I use an existing map, such as noise.rgb, it works fine. But when I use a png file, it is not displayed. I did make certain my file was x2 (8192x4096).

#Load the VRML model
sphere = loader.loadModel(“models/sphere01”)

tex = loader.loadTexture(“maps/sphere01.png”)
#tex = loader.loadTexture(“maps/noise.rgb”)

sphere.setTexture(tex, 1)

Any suggestions?

dont use 1?

see if there is any errors in the output like texture not found …

welcome to panda :slight_smile:
first suggestion: 8192x4096 is WAYYYS to huge!!
uncompressed with NO alpha channel this is a 100MB texture in memory!
even modern graficcards would have trouble to handle such an insanely huge texture.
try to scale it down to at least 2084x1024 or even less.
or better. split it into several smaler textures such as 512x512 or simmilar size.
usualy you would not want to go over 2084x2084 pixels resolution in any case.

I agree with Thomas 2048x2048 is probably the max you want to use.

Thomas & Tree,

I tried both suggestions and file size was the key to this problem.

When I removed the “1” overwrite parameter, there were no error messages. However when I reduced the file size to 2048x1024, the log message “all display modules loaded” was shown.

Thank you for your prompt response.