beginner question

I appologize for the beginner question however i am having difficulty setting up panda. I have the panda downloaded from the website but i dont seem to understand what it is asking me to do to initially setup panda and python that is included. i have python 3 i have been using but that came as a .exe file to install everything and was very easy to set up and get started with. Is there anything else i need to get panda up and running, it seems doing a little bit of reading i need both c++ and python to work with panda? is there possibly a better engine for me since the only language i have worked with so far is python 3? thanks for your time.

side note my setup is a asus g73J and my OS is windows 7 64 bit

It is not necessary to know C++ to make games with Panda3D. While the engine is written in C++, you can write your game code in either Python or C++. It is currently using the 2.x series of Python, but the differences from Python 3 should be fairly minor.
If you only know Python there is no better choice that I am aware of, most engines will require C++ knowledge.
For 2D games something like pygame might be better, I can’t say for sure since I have not used it.

awsome thats why i initially chose this and i actually think i just answered my own question to be honest. I was reading the downloaded documents(my personal computer has no internet access since im currently deployed) and it was confusing me reading the readme in the python folder. i simply used idle to create the file it told me to in the panda guide then saved it and ran it with the command line prompt instead of idle and it worked great seems i just cant use idle since its configured for 3.2.2 ill have to grab another IDE for 2.6.5 that came with panda