beginner collision question

So I am making my first game in Panda3d, I am modifying the Solar System example to be a flight sim. Progress has been good so far, but I am now trying to put in collision. In this example, my avatar starts inside of a giant sphere (the sky sphere) and I am trying to get it to detect collision with this sphere so I cannot escape from it. However, I have not been able to get the avatar to react with the sphere at all.

My first thought was that because the avatar is located inside the sphere, it would instantly be detected as a collision, but instead, it doesn’t seem to detect anything, inside or out.

Any advice on how I can handle this?

Use an CollisionInvSphere as collision solid for the skybox and a sphere for your plane/avatar as described on the manual.

aha! Thanks! I must have missed the inv. sphere entry on that list, I was using regular spheres for both. Got it working now.