batch egg export not working


I am unable to successfully batch export my animations from blender to egg format using chicken. I created a batch file to do this, following these instructions.
But it does not export any animations. At most it seems to just export the geometry. I have been playing around with my blender settings for a couple hours trying to figure this out but I keep ending up empty handed. How does one successfully batch export animations? I’m using windows 7.

I am attaching the blender file and bat file i am using in case anyone wants to try it themselves. You would only have to change the blender-scene file path in the bat file.


or i’d even like to ask, has anyone even successfully batch exported egg files using this method? Perhaps it is outdated?

It has defiantly worked at various points, but is has a habit of getting broken and then being fixed, as its so rarely used. I also doubt that the manual you linked to is even close to correct - the current version is out of date, and the version you just linked to is super ancient!

When it doesn’t work its usually something fairly minor however. I would have a look, except I am currently running Linux, and don’t know when I’ll next be in front of a Windows machine. I will when I get a chance, but it might be a while as I boot Windows rather irregularly.

I did have a glance at your script and it seems fine, though I note that you switch on anims only without switching off single file mode, which defaults to on, and have opt char on without giving it a command line to run. I would try running with only the first two set lines and see what that does. Also, if it does give out any error messages it would be helpful to see them!

Ok a few things needed to be fixed in the script. It probably needs to be cleaned up but it works now. Here’s the fixed version if anyone wants it:


I think I spoke too soon. But perhaps this is a different problem.

I can now batch export the animations, but each file is the same animation. Each animation apparently is the correct frame length but all are the same animation (which is the animation that is currently selected for the armature in the scene).

Is this another issue with script or maybe something else?

I’m going to guess by your use of ‘selected’ that your using actions etc. - Chicken doesn’t work like that. What it does is take whatever animation currently plays and exports that animation for the given frame range, where one frame range is provided for each animation to export. Its done like this so both action and non-action animation will work with it, as otherwise things would get a lot more complicated. If you want to export actions its really quite simple - set them up to play one after the other and then give the corresponding frame ranges as input. Bit fiddly I know, but it works!

Ah, ok good to know! Well I guess now i see why no one ever uses the batch process feature, if all of your actions are combined into one single action, might as well just export that one by hand.

Thank you for the info.

Its exactly the same as for Chicken through the interface! Note that each range is a different ‘action’ in Panda - it just doesn’t construct them from Blenders actions directly, but with the correct frame ranges you can still end up as though it had.

Does that mean that it is possible to output multiple egg files, each containing a single animation, from a single action?
Like this:

set chicken_anims=anim1,30,1,50;anim2,30,50,100

Would this result in two egg files (anim1.egg & anim2egg)?

Egg files can contain multiple animations, which is the default mode for Chicken - that example line would create such a file, containing two animations taken from different frame ranges. Alternatively in multiple file mode it will output one egg file containing the mesh and then a further file for each animation, though you then have to load those files as demonstrated in the Panda manual.

thanks, i’ve got the hang of it now.