BASS lib in p3d?

Just a quick thought. I’m using XMPlay like for years and I’m still as excited and enthusiastic about it as I was the day when I’ve tried it first.

It uses a cool sound library called BASS. And that’s also something cool. It’s ported to Windows(32+64bit and winCE), Linux, Macintosh, Java (:shock:), .Net, iPhone and anything else you can imagine. It plays all kinds of files, including some that I’ve never ever heard of. It’s free for non-commercial use, just like ffmpeg, and it’s uber small. 100kb for windows, 760kb for linux and 810kb for macintosh OS X. Also it has awesome sound I/O.

Soo… That would be enough for the specs. What do you think, can I convert it to p3d? It uses Direct Sound/ALSA. It might be tricky to run it under windows, since AFAIK you’d have to run the code in DX, but Linux/Mac OS no problem.

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

Just to mention, the biggest reason to do that is that it’s really really fast. And it doesn’t use the cpu almost at all. And the 2nd reason would be using it if you have problems with sound.

You are more than welcome to add whatever you want to the engine, but unless the license is bsd I doubt it will be included into the main distribution.

OK, I will try to contact them about that. But my main question is if it is technically possible. Since it’s mainly programmed in C-family/MASM and this would need some engine changes, imo. So I was asking :slight_smile: