Basic Maya Exportation

I am new to the 3D animation process and would like a little clarification on the ‘Converting from Maya’ section of the manual. Is the maya2egg converter something that is part of Maya or part of Panda?
At first read through of the conversion process I assumed it was something that was bundled with Panda, so I had an associate make up the models I needed in Maya. When I came back to this project with intent to convert his .mb files I realized there is no maya2egg utility on my system. Is this in fact something that comes with Maya, or did I possibly misplace it? I am running Panda quite happily on FedoraCore3…


It comes with Panda. Look again. I think in the standard distribution, there are multiple versions for the different versions of Maya, e.g. maya2egg6, maya2egg65, etc.


Hmmm… none of them are on my machine. Its possible I accidentally deleted them, I’ve been known to do it.
I would like to reinstall Panda, but there are no uninstallation instructions. Besides what is in /lib, /share, and /include, is there anything that needs to be removed?


There should be an uninst.exe in the main panda directory. Use that, and it should take out everything you need. The main thing to check after uninstalling panda is to make sure your PATH environment variable does not include anything associated with the version of panda you uninstalled. Otherwise when trying to run a new version, the computer might mistakenly look for the old one.

Well, there won’t be an uninst.exe on Linux :slight_smile:, but you can use the system rpm tools to uninstall the rpm, e.g. rpm -e panda3d-1.0.5-fedora3 or something like that.

This is assuming you did install via RPM–did you? If you built from source, that may explain why you don’t find the maya2egg programs; I’m not sure if those are built automatically from source, since you’ll need to provide the appropriate Maya libraries.


I uninstalled and reinstalled the Panda3D rpm for Fedora Code 3, and maya2egg is still missing. As far as I can tell it is not included in the installation package:
$ rpm -q panda3d-1.0.5 -l |grep -i 2egg

No maya2egg! I believe that Maya may have accidentally been left out of the rpm; or that it doesn’t work on Linux, so wasn’t included.
I will just install Panda on a Windows box and convert the necessary models there. Hopefully the models will be platform independant.