basic matrix math

I see in the reference material that a matrix multiply is overloaded so that you can do tmpMat = Mat1 * Mat2, but I am trying to get a vector rotated by a matrix, which would be tmpVec = Vec1 * Mat1. I dont see any overloaded function for this.

Also is there a way to get the position of a node that has been parented by another node in world space? Basically I have an offset vector thats parented so it stays with the object, but I need to know that vector’s world position so I can interpolate a non-parented node to it.

EDIT: ok I figured out the world space issue, I just needed to getPos(mWorld) and getHpr(mWorld). Which almost makes my first question a moot issue, but I’d still like to know if there is an undocumented way of doing multiplying a matrix by a vector to get a vector rotated by the matrix.

Not sure I get your meaning? There’s no operative defined for combining a matrix and a vector. Do you mean you want to combine a translation matrix that is built from a point?

It’s already done by :
targetNodePath.getRelativeVector(sourceNodePath, Vec3)

There sure is a way. call yourMatrix.xformVec(yourvec), that will return the transformed vector by that matrix.

Ah hah!

See the problem is I am used to doing things one way when I am programming at work, and when I start trying to do something similar with Panda, I get all turned around because everything is different.

Thanks again