basic CG calculation problem[solved]

Hi, I´m almost finishing my inkmap shader, but I have run into a problem which is simple, but I myself can´t solve.

I need to check if the color below is RGB(0,1,1), which is full green and blue, so I can render that fragment as transparent. It´s a way to hide a particular model from the ink effect if its first texture have the color stated above.

if (color0.rgb = (0,1,1)) o_color.a = 0;

But I got an error which said My calculation is wrong. color0 is a float4(RGBA), what is the correct calculation for what I want?

Thanks for any help!

Something like:

o_color.a = (color0.g >= 1.0) * (color0.b >= 1.0)

Try to avoid using conditionals. They are slow.

So I needed to check each channel separately, I would have not thought of that. Thanks rdb!