and setFixedSize [SOLVED]


props = WindowProperties()
props.setSize(size, size)

Isn’t working for me. I can still resize the window. Did I screw something up?

Some properties can’t be changed once a window has been created, they have to be specified when creating the window. It’s possible that setFixedSize() is one of these properties (the precise set depends on the operating system).

You can either pre-load “win-fixed-size 1” in your Config.prc settings, or you can construct a WindowProperties with the appropriate values in your explicit call to base.openWindow() or base.openMainWindow().


Ah, okay. That makes sense. I kind of figured it was an operating system thing.

I’m not really interested in changing the config.prc or worrying about creating a new window, etc, for this little app I’m working. I’ll just give it a pass. Having a menu that pops up with 3 square resolution choices should communicate to the user that the app is meant to work in a square window. If the user resizes it after that, and crap gets distorted, that’s on them. Why should I be forcing them not to work in a distorted window if they want to, anyway? Not my place.