This isn’t exactly a scripting issue, but Its a panda issue and I couldn’t find a better place to put it. So I’m making a toontown private server and I wanted to edit a model, not really for anything in particular, but just to see how it’d come out. Anyways, the model is in .bam format. So I use bam2egg to convert it and then egg2obj to open it in blender, but when I fails to load anything and I’ve determined why. When first converting it from bam2egg it gives me an error stating that it cannot convert because it have a “MovingPart” it still gives me the egg, but its not fully converted, and when I change it to obj, it just messes the whole thing up. Does anyone know how to get around this movingpart thing? any help is appreciated

I know this is rather late but I assume you still want an answer. The problem is, you can’t simply change an egg to an obj. What I do to acheieve this is bam2egg, egg2x and then find an online converter to convert the x to and obj. Hope it helps, even if it is late.

There is actually an egg2obj distributed with development builds of Panda3D. But it’s limited in functionality; doesn’t even support texture mapping.