Bam2egg conversion question

I’ve been using panda3d for many revisions now. I am curious, after doing some reading in the manual and other places, why, if the best collision type to use is a sphere, the bam2egg executable doesn’t support the conversion of collision sphere’s and collision tubes? It would really be quite helpful if this program converted them automatically.


Because there was never the intention for there to be a good and reliable pipeline for converting .bam back to .egg. bam2egg was never designed to offer a complete solution, which is why it is so incomplete.

That said, this was a fairly easy feature to add. I’ve just checked in support for collision spheres and planes to bam2egg, which will be part of the upcoming 1.9.1 release.

That does make sense. I suppose it’s similar to the way exec’s were not meant to be converted back to source. It was mostly a question out of curiosity. Though planes/cubes and the likes do convert currently, the tubes and spheres have posed a small hurdle to get over. It’s easy to remake them roughly to what they were, but yes indeed, being done in the actual conversion would certainly be so much easier in the long run. It’ll be really nice to have this in the next version!