BAM with animation support?

I’m trying to use the tobspr/RenderPipeline, and it recommends the BAM exporter. Unfortunately, this doesn’t support animated or rigged models. How can i use the modern pipeline with animated models?

You can still use YABEE for your animated models, just be sure to check its “PBS” option when exporting.
Adding support for animations is planned for the BAM exporter, but I don’t know if I will get to it in the near future.

Thank you. I assumed YABEE was obsolete and not going to be maintained anymore.

YABEE is still the most mature and well-supported solution for getting models out of Blender.

Is there a CLI tool to convert FBX or DAE to the Panda standard format? I don’t use Blender and having to export stuff from my tools to Blender, fix any issues, and then export again, is a terrible workflow.

Check the bin folder.


Note that RenderPipeline will not work with standard material.

And I think we need to raise the issue of separating material from the egg file.

Besides dae2egg, there is also the Assimp loader, which can load FBX and DAE among a range of formats, directly into Panda’s native format. As of recently, it has experimental support for animations.

You will need a recent master build of Panda with Assimp support enabled, and then add to Config.prc:

load-file-type p3assimp

Then you can convert it like this:

model = loader.loadModel("model.fbx")