Baking from modeler

Well, this thread is knew :>

I have done a simple but effective scene in Blender with bake (without image textures, just one image that serves to bake)

i was thinking that chicken could export the baked mesh…

But, was not, i read in somewhere here that bake depends of the modeller, how could I export baked meshed, do I must to add forcedly an image (for example bricks), or there is another process to make it…?

i’m using Blender 2.49 RC, Panda 1.6.1 and Chicken R69


By “baked mesh” are you referring to lightmapping? From the screenshot that looks like what you are talking about.

yes, lightmaps… could be great if chicken export meshes with it included…

but… how.

Well I know Chicken supports lightmapped meshes, but I don’t know the details since I’ve not used it myself yet. Scour the Chicken thread for mentions of 2 UV sets, that’s how lightmapping is done: 1 set of UVs for the main texture, and 1 set of UVs for the lightmap textures that are blended on top.

yeh, two textures, i have made this example with just one, the lightmapped image, i’m going to try with two textures.

I’m baking AO, shadows, normals, etc. myself too, and I know of many others that do this with blender, so I’m sure it works.

In the image editor, you need to save your image to a file. Then, in the material settings, you must load this texture and assign it to the correct UV set. small screencast on how to get baked stuff working.

like pro said. the trick is to save the baked textures to disk before exporting

I haven’t checked Thomas’ movie, what is it ?

I’ve just finished a lightmap setup and image saver scripts. They’re my first Blender scripts, so beware.
It’s there :

I have 1 question though :
how to get smooth shading when baking shadow ?
I couldn’t get it at all no matter what I did.

hyog!, its works !, saint bake technique … never will die 8)

thnx for viewing you said me in your video, and i say the same for delivery

Ynjh_jo, :

Increase the sample shadows to get it smoothness you can find this in Shading (F5) and then in Lamp Buttons, activate the Ray Shadow button then increase the samples :

No, it’s not what I meant. What I mean by smooth shading is using vertex normal instead of face normal.

In the “Editing” mode (F9) in Object Mode, under “Link and Materials”, you should see two buttons “Set Smooth” and “Set Solid”. Just hit “Set Smooth” and smooth shading will be enabled.
Since a picture paints a thousand words:

haaahh yes, is like rsoft said.

I wondering something, if we create a complete baked scene in Blender, then export to Panda, is there needed to create lights in panda too?!!, we know that baked scene is a static model, but for actor for example, if we do not apply light in panda, scene will be good looking, but our actor will be flat textured…

No, you won’t need lights in Panda.

The downside of static lightmapping is that it only works for non-moving objects. The shadows or lighting info won’t magically update if an object rotates or moves.
However, for most environments, it works fine.

yes, we are clear about baked model are even statics, and if we move one of them the shadow will stay in same place as origin so does not serve to move them…

But what happen with actors, those who has intervals, animation, etc, will seem over-posted in the scene without shadows, without shading, just like texture face, while the entire baked scene look with shaders, light, shadows, etc. etc… Imagine Call of Duty 4 or 5, and your protagonist is texture faced…

No, I already know about it, and I should’ve said that the mesh is already smooth.

Well, what did you mean then? You asked how to enable shading using vertex normal (smooth shading) instead of shading using face normal (flat shading), that’s what I told… :confused:

I believe I said “when baking shadow”.