awkward auto-generated collision tubes [SOLVED]

I noticed just recently that collision tubes generated with the egg tag { Tube descend } are not very well wrapped around the parent geometry. I’ll show that out with a couple of images from my egg scene output:
the labelled geometry is were I’ll apply the tube tags

and here it is the resulting colliders showup:

As you can see the two pad tubes are skewed an the caps really squished exceeding too much the vertical pad size, the side walls are just better wrapped but exceed the boundaries to an unacceptable extent as well. I know this is not a terrific issue and that there are workaraounds but it would be nice to have it fixed - maybe if some would point me out where to peek in, I could try to fix from the sources.

If you construct your egg geometry to resemble the tubes–that is, hemispherical-capped cylinders–instead of rectangular solids, it will do a better job of matching.

What happens is that the egg loader assumes that you have constructed something of the form, then looks for the longest axis of your geometry to be the major axis of the tube. When your geometry is just a rectangular prism, though, the longest axis is diagonal; and so the egg loader constructs the tube along the diagonal.


my try worked just for the two pads using the cylinder primitive (in blender there are no similar tubes) but the best match for the walls is still the cube - using a cylinder of that length result a very squished collision tube so I guess using cubes for the walls and cylinder for the pads could be fine

at a rectangular playground you dont need a collision geometry for (or in overall a collision detection). hmm, for the pads neither.
at my smashBALL game i retired using a collision detection for, i thought it would shrink the performance. at the moment, i fixed the rapid movement in my game, sometimes my ball crashed trough my objects. but this was pretty easy to fix.

Surely you can construct any shape you like in Blender?

But if you’re limited to primitive types, you could at least use a scaled sphere, right? Or, if you need to keep the number of faces down, you could use an octahedron or a cube, standing on its point, so that the two points at the top and bottom correspond to the top and bottom of your tube.


indeed I can David but my litl project is a try to make the easiest game in the easiest way with as little steps as possible w/ panda so the choice to use primitives and the panda collision system. Using a custom perfect shaped tube indeed results in a very accurate collision tube so I guess this topic is over - thank you all guys

in my tiny pong clone i hardcoded the collision bodies, knowing how big the paddles are that shouldn’t be a problem

I then found out what the problem was: the scaling component.
If you want to try to reproduce it, make a rectangle and tag it as a tube collide as usual, then export it with chicken and you’ll see w/ pview a squished tube collider. Then go back to the rectangle and clear/apply the scale/rotation to obdata (object submenu) and export it again - now you’ll see a perfect tube collide.