Avatar Movement Animation

I have been playing around with Gravity Walker to make my avatar move for a bit, and I was wondering what would be the best way to setup my animation system for going left, right, forward, backward, and jumping. I actually have two jump animations, one for if they’re standing still, and one for when they’re moving.

I have something like this for my Gravity Walker:

wallBitmask = BitMask32(1)
floorBitmask = BitMask32(2)

base.cTrav = CollisionTraverser()

def getAirborneHeight():
    return offset + 0.025000000000000001

walkControls = GravityWalker(legacyLifter=True)
walkControls.setWalkSpeed(16.0, 24.0, 8.0, 80.0)
walkControls.initializeCollisions(base.cTrav, avatar, floorOffset=0.025, reach=4.0)

avatar.physControls = walkControls

inputState.watch('forward', 'arrow_up', 'arrow_up-up')
inputState.watch('reverse', 'arrow_down', 'arrow_down-up')
inputState.watch('turnLeft', 'arrow_left', 'arrow_left-up')
inputState.watch('turnRight', 'arrow_right', 'arrow_right-up')
inputState.watch('jump', 'control', 'control-up')

So, again, what is the best way to implement animation in the avatar’s movement?

Nevermind, I already found a decent way.