Automatic Shader Generator

That’s fantastic!!! Thanks a ton.

When these new features are in the release version of Panda I’d certainly love a sample of water without writing shaders.

Yeah, am trying to put together some sample programs. I need help on the modeling and texturing part though - I simply don’t have the time for it.

What kinda help you need? I don’t have enormous time myself, but I’d probably have time to whip up a few assets for a demo, especially one I want myself.

I had three demos in mind:

  • A terrain demo. Don’t need much assets for that (an airplane would be cool, but not necessary.)
  • A church demo. Basically this would show off advanced lighting effects: SSAO, volumetric lighting, maybe shadows. But mainly this is a demo to show off volumetric lighting (coming through stained glass, etc.)
    Aurilliance helped me on the church model so far.
  • A demo in a dark room or dungeon showing a simple light (that can move) and some crates, shelves, boxes, whatever. If you’ve played the first level of Farcry (the point where you meet Doyle via the radio) you know what I mean.
    I didn’t do any modeling for this yet.

ok so what do you need for the terrain demo besides the terrain itself? As in, do you need a skybox? Will there be water?

For the dark room, I’m guessing you want normal maps to show off the lighting. Unfortunately I haven’t played Farcry but do you mean like a dirty basement with normal maps?

I don’t need much models for the terrain demo - it’s the other demos I’m worried about. Yes, there will be water.

Yeah, normal maps and maybe even parallax maps are essential.
A dirty basement is good enough for me.

If someone can donate me models for it, that would be great.