automatic shader generator preview

I have put together a small script which shows the automatic shader generator features (all possible mixes of shaders).

use the default mouse controls to move around. The light runs around the objects, it also differs in strength to see glow etc.

if you use custom objects, make sure to generate tangent and binormals using egg-trans -tbnall model.egg -o outmodel.egg

This is excellent. This helps out a lot. I’m still trying to figure out the code, you’re using different python instructions that I haven’t seen before- so it’s good on a lot of different levels.

i think the most curious in the code is the binary operations i use to select which shaders to activate. otherwise i think the sourcecode is not that nice and could be simplified a lot.

I thought i’d release it because:
1st: you can see all mixings of shaders at the same time
2nd: it shows how to use the shader generator on a “plain” object.
3th: you can simply replace the model (which has tangents and binormals) and the textures and view the different outcomes.
4th: it looks cool

Impressive work :slight_smile:

this only shows the usage of the panda3d internal shaders, i am quite bad if it comes to shader programming. (so no it’s not inpressive, it’s only useful :wink: )

Yes but it show the integration of auto shader of panda 3D very well :slight_smile: