Automated egg collision optimizer?

Hi, I’d like to get your views on the following concern that’s certainly quite common and recurring.

I have usually to deal with very detailed (unsane lot of polygons) scenes, these scenes are obviously not at all prepared for collisions.

A quick and dirty (and very expensive) way to get collision is to tag each eggfile with {Polyset keep descend}

A much better one is definitively to flatten_strong, octreefy the resulting structure and to generate a specific scene_octree.egg solely for collision purpose. This really gives a boost but is still quite costly, so the aim is to simplify the geometries and generate an optimized scene_collide.egg

Being lazy and time-constrained (and due to the number of files) doing it ‘by hand’ is not a considered option
So the question is:

Any idea about a way to automatically convert (python script?) each element of the scene to a simple collision primitive (for instance get the collision being considered with the bounding sphere or bounding box of each element? …)

btw. extra question: what would be the outcome of having tagged an eggfile with {Sphere descend} ??