Audio problems

I’m new in this forum and programming with Panda3d. I have recently installed panda3d in my ubuntu Feisty Fawn, everything works perfect but the sound, each time I run any program I get this message:
:audio(error): _system->init(): Error initializing output device.
:audio(error): _system->init(): Error initializing output device.
Could you help me?
I don’t have problems with sound in any other program, it always worked since I installed ubuntu. I guess you will need some more info to know what is exactly not working, please tell me what more you need.
Thank you.

i think this was answered already several times in the forum, but doesnt matter that much.
try to kill all audio-deamons like arts and such and close all other applications which might access/use your soundcard.
try again, see what happens.

thomas e

That worked, thank you :wink: