audio(error) OSX macintel


so after running my first example, i head to use audio, the real reason why i began with panda3d, this is the error im getting:

i read in the forums that ffmpeg was introduced to cover some openal limitations but im not sure which of both i should use and actually openal seems broken under ports.

suggestions, tips and advice is welcome so to head and include my first sound samples.


Did you compile Panda3D with FMOD, or did you skip it?

this is my Config.pp

where do i need to have the FMOD option? sorry for my ineptitude. (/me searches)


oke, i reply to myself and see if im getting closer.

port was unabe to fetch openal and according to this:

I should try to get that running first before i continue, or is there another way to get sound working under leopard/macintel?


OpenAl build only works with makepanda, however makepanda is not running under osx. ppremake has no openal support (at least 1.4.x had it not included).

So you eighter need to apply the patches available for ppremake-openal (look in the mac build thread). Or you try to continue the work on makepanda, which is not yet completed afaik.

The other possibility, which i recommend, is to use fmod(ex).

Until these issues are fixed by someone (or somebody is willing to include/check the patches i provided).