Audio DSP Filter causes crash?

I am trying to make a DSP lowpass filter that can be enabled/disabled dynamically in-game.

I followed the instructions on the manual page and got the filter to work, but if I try to have the filter change more than once during the course of the game, the game instantly crashes the moment the audio manager is reconfigured. Simply calling the line “base.sfxManagerList[0].configureFilters(fp)” more than once causes a crash. However, without this line, any changes to the filterproperties are not applied.

I am using the FMOD sound system.

The goal is to have the lowpass filter to mimic the effect of sitting in a closed cockpit, but the effect needs to go away when I switch to chase view or exit the vehicle.

Can anyone help?


The error I get is:

:audio: Could not update DSP chain.

if that helps. I get a window that comes up asking me to send an error report because python crashed.