Attribute Error

‘libpanda.NodePath’ object has no attribute ‘setLinearVelocity’ what mean this error?

An NodePath simply has no method named setLinearVelocity, you probably are using bullet from what I can tell, so instead of doing:




That way you’re operating on the underlying node, instead of simply the NodePath, which will actually have that method.

Hope this helps,

Yeah im using bullet, that helped but I have now another atribute error :‘libpandabullet.BulletCharacterControllerNode’ object
has no attribute ‘setLinearVelocity’.Maybe I messed smth up with nodes?Because I imported all classes and in the sample that Im using is the same error

hmm, looking at the api for BulletCharacterControllerNode, here shows me that there is no setLinearVelocity method.

You probably want to use setLinearMovement instead, since setLinearVelocity was renamed AFAIK to setLinearMovement

Best of luck,

Thanks!now its working nice :smiley: