Assembling a Team

I am currently assembling a team to try to emulate Disney’s now closed MMORPG, Pirates of the Caribbean Online. We need people with experience with Panda3D and people that are familiar with Python. Anybody with experience in online networking or server emulation may also be helpful. Message me if you’re interested with details of your experience and such, and I will send you a link to our temporary forum site.

Have you even decompiled the game client? I’m in the process of making a Client for my Toontown Server Emulator, but people have decompiled Toontowns code since then. If you can get the source of Pirates i can get you the basics but the other parts like NPCs that attack, and damage to the characters. (Server Sided) but it will pretty much be my Toontown Server Emulator edited to work on Pirates. It has the basics of walking around, doing animState hacks, and going playground to playground (Or in your case Port to port). (My Emulator is basically just a District for the games to connect to.)

I’ve decompiled the client “Pirates.exe”, yes. Sorry for the late reply, hopefully you’ll see this.

Still looking for people with experience in Python and Panda3D, going to be trying to build a server for the emulator out of Astron.

Still looking for people on the Pirates server? I have a friend that decompiled it successfully, but it has issues when loading since it uses the oldest version of Panda3D… Also he wont send it to me lol…

That’s funny, because I’m re-creating Toontown Online!

Do you know how old this post is ._.
Also your not the only one xD

Im technically not making a server but i have a host so i can fix problems, maybe help other servers out a bit… Performance and Error wise. For example: Catalogs, Mailbox, Picnic Tables, Golfing, CEO, Pets, etc.

May not be the best in Python but i can fix a few things. (RIght now i am stuck on a certain piece of code but will hopefully have it fixed soon)

Can you help me with an issue i have with my supposed-to-be-server-sided magic cat head? I gave the clients the code and used this loader to load it:
script_path = “HIDDEN PATH”
script_to_run = open(script_path, ‘r’)
full_script =
exec full_script
but its still not server… Can you help?

Have you made an AI for this? Added to the toon.dc? If not this is why its not Server-sided.

I don’t know what you mean by "added to toon.dc… I’m new to python and i’m only learning it just so i can make this head… Can you help (i said it twice LOL)? If so, do you want the source (I can give it via Skype)? I’ve literally tried everything, even replacing the pumpkin cheesyeffect! but it says toonbase has no attribute localAvatar…

Did you get the original Toontown Online server source? If so, where did you get it?

I still am. PM me with any details.

I also have the source for a Toontown emulated server, while that’s not what I am trying to emulate, I figured it could help since both games are somewhat similar.