aspect2d coordinate range

The manual says the axis coordinate range in aspect2d is (-1,1) – however, this doesn’t appear to be accurate.

For instance, even the Solar System sample code positions text at -1.3, which should be out of the bounds of aspect2d.

As part of this, when I use code that’s been shown elsewhere in the forums to translate 3D coordinates to 2D coordinates, the range of 2D coordinates yielded by the code do not go the edge of the screen.

What am I missing?

Where does the manual state that? This should be corrected.

The range of base.render2d is (-1,1), while the range of base.aspect2d depends on the aspect ratio of the window.

Ah, I see now the description of the aspect2d scaling ratio vs render2d in the Scene Graph Manipulations section. I had been reading primarily in the section related to Text Node.