"Asmandez" an MMOG

Hi dudes
My name is Farzam, I’m a member of a team developing a browser based mmo named “Asmandez”.
You can find the game here asmandez.com . It’s a sci-fi strategy in space opera.
We’ve started the project on 2009 and now the game is 1 year old(officially running).
As we basically a simulation company we were always interested in formal 3d games development, but for some reasons our marketing research team forced us to start with a BBOG, I must admit that it was a very clever decision.
Now, We are going to make some prototypes to find if it’s possible to develop a client base mmog.
The Idea is to integrate a low tempo browser based game with a RTS. something like age of empire online.
After a long search on the engines finally we’ve choose the Panda3d to use. I also have some experience with other game engines including 3dgame studio, unity, udk and some other engines like Ogre3d, ODE and etc. But we prefer to work with a complete game engine. Now i just want your opinion about our decision. and any one interested to cooperate with us.
Any comment would be appreciated.


hi, welcome to panda3d.

well about your decision. everyone here pretty much loves panda, so i doubt you will hear any complaints regarding that :smiley: