Asking one thing before start working with Panda3D


Firstly, sorry if I’m posting in a wrong board.

I’m a spanish guy who’s searching for an engine to make 3D scenarios, and googling and googling I finally found this website.

Panda 3D seems very interesting and I like the pics I’ve seen, but before download it and start working I’m asking:

Will the scenarios be able to be exported in another softwares such as Adobe Flash or another videogame soft? Because I’ve to create a game.

Thank you guys and sorry for my english, it may not be very good…

Hello, welcome on the panda forum.

your question should go into the “general discussion” rather than “scripting issues” but thats not a big problem.

Panda is a set of libraries which will display and “run” your scenarios. the content for those scenes are usualy created in programms like 3dsMax, Maya or Blender. export to flash and the likes is not really possible since panda is already the “end of the toolchain”. so to say. it IS videogame software;)
if you have to create a game. you can use panda to do that.

Welcome to the forums luthor!

I am sorry, but Panda3D has not been created for the thing you want to.

I guess you want to create web-games in Flash. So, Panda3D is mainly for creating games, so you won’t be successful.

@Dayn0… he never said a word about terrains or anything related to this.
lets wait and hear what he wants to do.and then give advices which can help him to make decisions.
for example. if he does not want to create a terrain but something else. wouldn’t the information you posted be very confusing ? And btw… panda can be used to display terrains.

@Luthor. can you describe what you want to do and what you are looking for so we can provide better answers?

Oops, double post :smiley:

Okay sorry, my post might be a bit (or too many xD) confusing.

What I want is to create a videogame, I was asking if the terrain that I can create is exportable to flash to add the characters, items, etc.

But you’re telling me guys I can create a videogame using only panda, and this is more interesting!

What actions can I create using panda? Will I be able to add video and audio secuences?
What programation languages are needed?

My first idea is create a shooter placed in the moon.

Thanks a lot :smiley:

No. YOu have to use other programs, if your game wants to be good.
Python is a scripting language wich allows you to create the actual game. Panda is kind of an addon for python.

The terrain/models/actors/sound and things, you have to create with some other program. Panda comes with a few models and actors, but it’s recommended to create your own ones, as you are limited otherwise.


to give a more precise idea of what panda is and what it can do.

dany0 already quoted the parts from the page explaining its a library used to display stuff. this is technically correct but i doubt anyone who isnt a game developer will understand what that means. so here is what panda can do for you:
-display grafics,mainly 3d grafics, but also 2d stuff, static and animated, shaded/lit/ etc.
-it can handle input devices such as keyboard, mouse, trackballs, etc.
-it can play videos, and sounds (including 3d-correct placement in your scene)
-can do a lot more stuff like accessing your webcam, networking, particles, shaders,collisions, physics etc… the list is quite long.

what panda can will not do is: creating the stuff you actually display with it.
panda is not suited to create&edit your terrains, characters,animations,sounds etc.

so… to put it into a small workflow example:


yourContentCreationApplication could be things like 3dsmax,maya,blender3d,audacity,photoshop,Gimp,Terragen etc.

yourCode usualy is written with your Favorite developmentEnvironment. in simplest case a plain text-editor already works.
the programming-language is Python(c++ is possible too,but python is recommended). it’s compareably easy to learn (but you still need to know programming/or learn it)

once you are able to code python and got a hang of panda itself. you can create pretty much everything. no matter is 3d-photo-slideshow, tetris, some comic game, RTS or a crysis clone. panda itself is really really flexible so you can make pretty much everything with it (if you know how to do it). a really really powerful tool.

however it requires programming. its not one of those “point and click” game-creation kits… so there is no real scene-editor, no huge database with game-assets etc.
however.compared to other engines which are not part of any game-creation-kit. panda is really easy to use.

what you get by using panda:
-well engineered capable and speedy 3d-engine. (which is free to use and modify. BSD-license)
-good support and an active community
-a number of “boring but usefull” tools which will help you to develop your game without loosing all your hairs.

if you want a shooter taking place on the moon. panda can handle something like that quite well. but if your game is an FPS shooter you might want to look at dedicated FPS-engines. too. especially FPS optimized network and KI can be found in many engines.
those engines usualy are a bit less flexible but might suit your specific purpose better.

Okay, I understand.

So there’s not any map editor, I have to create the maps for myself in another software and when I’ve got all the game elements, I use panda to join 'em all?

heavily simplified. yes.
there are some editors which can help with object placements, particle-effects and things like that. but those are more little helper-editors than full-blown map editors.

I agree with Thomas.

But luthor, when you create a game you make it on steps, or stages.

For example you want to create a racing game:

You first step/stage is to create a car, you put in the command so Panda3D will load it. It will become a node in Panda’s tree(in manual it’s explained better). Then you say panda that the car should move, and how it should move.

and so on, you create a track, you make it collide with other objects, you create AI… this could be endless :wink:

Good luck! By the way, PM me your Skype(if you have any). I can help you there with starting.

Dany0… just stop posting nonsense. it’s not helping anyone. if you want practice your writing skills, start blogging or something else. this forum is not about having most posts or most text per post. it exists to help each other. please keep that in mind.

I am sorry, I am just active here because I am writing something and must have the manual, so I check the forums more often, much more often. :smiley:

Okay, thanks you guys, I’ve got enoguh, I’ll start searching softwares and learning about this.

See you :slight_smile: