Asian character input problem - DirectEntry

Hi. I’ve been lurking here in the forums for some time now and I see that a post regarding asian character input on DirectEntry has been put up. So now I’d like to know if there has been fixes regarding that? I’ve also tried using PGEntry instead of DirectEntry but with no luck.

Do I have to dig in to the source to fix this? I need to be able to input japanese characters using Windows IME, so any hint as to how to fix this is really appreciated. Thanks!

Here’s the deal: the support to handle IME character entry works perfectly–in the VR Studio’s build of Panda. We’ve got lots of Japanese Toontown players happily communicating with each other via IME in Panda.

When Josh builds the same code for publish on the website, the IME doesn’t work at all.

What’s the difference? Beats me. Neither of us are Windows experts here. Maybe there’s something different about the compilation command issued by makepanda (Josh uses makepanda, while the VR Studio uses ppremake), or maybe there’s some missing library or service pack that Josh needs to install on his build machine.

If you can determine what’s going on here, you’ll be a hero.


Thanks for the reply. The root of the problem seems to be the build environment Panda was compiled in. This is pretty much a long shot, but can I ask for details on VR Studio’s build of Panda? Not their copy of Panda’s source, of course, but the other important and relevant details (compiler, thirdparty libs, service pack, etc) so I can build my own that will support IME.

By the way, I’ll try to build my own using ppremake on pretty much a general build environment. Wish me luck!

Thanks a bunch, David.

Our copy of Panda’s source is exactly the same as yours: we work directly out of SourceForge.

We use ppremake and MSVC 7.1 to compile, with Python 2.4. We build on various Windows OS’s with similar results. My particular machine is running XP Pro SP 2. It’s a U.S. version, but I do happen to have the international keyboard support enabled to provide an IME for testing.

There are also several fiddly third-party support libraries we use, like FreeType and FFTw, but I have a hard time imagining they have anything to do with this problem.


Thanks for the details! Im gonna set up a build environment similar to yours. I’ll try to document the process so I could share my building experience, if ever I succeed on building panda with my problems solved.

Thanks again!