Aruco Augmented Reality - finding the correct transform mat do display the 3d object on video

Hello, im trying to create stereo camera augmented reality using opencv.aruco module but im struggling hard with transferring the opencv produced position and rotation results to the panda3d position relative to the camera.
Ive tried artoolkit module and it kinda sorta worked good enough but its very hard to create new camera calibration without any working tool to do it (the development of artoolkit is fragmented and mostly stalled)
The next problem is with rendering the multiview texture that comes from adding the left and right stereo camera frames (sum of bytes). While a texture is rendered correctly using the bit masking technique on a card this proves increasingly difficult to position the tracked object correctly on the given camera view, because a card needs to be fit to the camera view.

I know that this is kinda convoluted but the problem is also convoluted and I need some ideas on how to proceed with it.